Resolution on Amendment of the AMARC Statutes Towards Greater Internal Democracy

Recognizing that AMARC as an organization needs to reflect its democratic aspirations in its operations at all levels

Further recognizing that the Statutes of AMARC need to be more precise in delineating the relationships among the different elements of AMARC towards such democratization

Realizing that proposals were made by the Procedures Action Groups constituted by the outgoing International Board towards the amendment of the Statutes but that these could not be resolved in time to be presented and discussed for adoption by the General Assembly at AMARC 11

It is hereby resolved that:

  • The AMARC 11 General Assembly should mandate the incoming International Board to do the following:
    • Review and build on the proposals presented to the last International Board
    • Institute a systematic process of participatory consultation and discussion across the breadth of AMARC members for the further development and consolidation of the proposals in time to present within the stipulated deadlines of the current Statutes for potential adoption at AMARC 12
    • Meantime and with immediate effect reform internal processes at the International and Regional levels to ensure ever greater democratic practice, in particular ensuring that the elected Executive Committees and Boards and the Secretariats at all levels continually communicate with each other and, further, report and account to members and invite their comments on a regular, at least half-yearly, basis.