Resolution on Digitalisation of Community Radio

Digitalisation of radio spectrum has tremendous implications for all community radio broadcasters around the world – in terms of production, distribution and reception of information as well as for other fundamental values and principles that AMARC has upheld.

Keeping in mind the complex realities of digitalisation, we, the members of AMARC Asia Pacific, urge the International Board of AMARC, with the approval of the General Assembly, sanction the formation of a working group to study the situation of digitalisation in each of the AMARC regions in order to arrive at informed advocacy strategies for the future at national, regional and international level. Further, we also ask AMARC to advocate that all its member community radio stations have a choice of continuing with analogue broadcasting in the face of imminent digitalisation of radio broadcasting.

Proposed by: Ram Bhat, Shahi, AMARC AP
Seconded by: Min Bahadur, AMARC AP